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Empowering Small Businesses

Information Technology has over the years become such a cutting edge tool that businesses, both big and small have embraced everything on offer including its misgivings. The competition out there today is so intense that even small businesses must develop some sort of IT Strategy so they do not become victims of their own success. adesiyan.com sees the correct and appropriate use of IT as the only way forward for any success seeking enterprise.

” Our vision is to put Technology into the hands of ordinary people and small businesses, even those people who once regarded computers as tools for the rich and the big companies “

Since October 2002, we have developed IT Products and Services that empower the average individual whose shop or office is down the road, the young entrepreneur, the ex-employee who got fed up with picking up peanuts at the end of a day’s hard work. We want to work with the SME to create a working environment where efficiency thrives by helping them to use IT Services even better than before. Above all, we want to ensure that our IT Services help to impact those Small Businesses whose pockets are not so deep.

When I left full-time employment in September of 2002 to start adesiyan.com, I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in business. I knew small businesses were not treated nice by the bigger and more established businesses; I had seen the ignorance that existed among small businesses on a day-to-day basis and it really appalled me to see small businesses use their most valuable resources to advertise much bigger businesses only for peanuts. I wanted to reverse this trend by empowering small businesses and still make some money doing it.

At adesiyan.com, it is our hope and prayer that our range of services will help to open the eyes of all our customers to see that IT Resources help to automate work and eventually lead to increased capacity to handle more work. Kayode Adesiyan can be contacted by writing to him at kayode@adesiyan.com.

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