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Domain Name Management

Empowering Small Businesses

Every website must have it’s own unique address. This is called a domain name and must be registered so that it cannot be taken by others. Once your domain name is registerd, a space needs to be acquired to hold the files generated from the subsequent web design.

While naming a business is often a long and thoughtful process, choosing a website address is often regarded as a much smaller decision. According to a new survey, 41% of UK businesses spend less than an hour choosing their website address, and over half don’t think to seek a second opinion on this critical decision.

Unsurprisingly, one third of companies later regret it, believing their revenue could improve if they had a better domain name. A quarter of companies worry that their website address isn’t catchy enough, while 5% of business owners admitted they had forgotten their own address entirely. Businesses should consider all available options before purchasing their primary domain name.

What would you like to do with your domain name?